Frequently Asked Question - FAQ about Indian Dating Site - www.purecasualdate.com


Is this Site Free ?  Do I have to pay any money to use the site ?

It’s Free !!!!  Yes the site is 100 % Clean  100% Decent  100% FREE Indian Dating Site for Indians in India and abroad - (Non Resident Indians)  NRI. You don’t have to pay a single paisa the use the site.

Although to start using the site you need to register and upload atleast 3 different face photos of yourself  (also verify photos) to contact other members. ( Not comfortable sharing pictures upload to “Password Protected photo albums”   or “Friends Only Photo Album”.


I am an existing user my password is not working ?

I cannot login to the site error message "Invalid password" ?

How to reset my account password ?

All existing users are required to change the password.

Please click on "Sign in" then click on  "forgot password" enter the email address that you used while registering on the site. Check your email for further instructions.


How to share contact information on our Indian Dating Site ( purecasualdate.com / puredate.in )



How to do Private Chat ( 1 on 1 private chat ) with an Online User on our Indian Dating site ( www.purecasualdate.com / puredate.in )   ?


Login with your username password.

Click on Members

Click on Online " you will see a list of all users that are currently online"

Click on "Chat with me- Online Now"   to start a private chat session with the other online user.



How to verify photos ?

Please take a photo of your self holding a government recognized identity proof eg:passport or others + your username/email id on the piece of paper and and send it to our support team to activate your account.


Write your Userid, Site name and Date on a piece of paper.
Please use black sketch pen,or dark pen, bold Capital alphabets.
Click a selfie holding the paper such that your face and complete hand is seen holding the paper.
You can upload the photo anywhere in my photos or to an album ( will be seen on the site)


Photo Size Policy ?

Make sure your uploaded photos are atleast 800*600 pix minimum and max 1200*1600 pix and file size is not more then 0.5MB ( 500 Kb)


How to delete my account on the Site ?

To Delete your profile Please click on the top right corner on the small icon,then select profile edit. Scroll down. You will see the delete account option. Click and Confirm to Delete your account from the site.


Why Accounts are suspended/banned/deleted ?

Seeking S e x

Contact information, abuse, racial comments, weblinks  etc.  in profile/ messages /site.

Using these ‘ f u n ‘ ‘ seeking secret’ ‘discreet’ ‘charged’ ‘s e x y’ 'hot' 'naughty' 'ons'  or other words / junk / non english words in the profile/messages.

Location Mismatch.

Posting fake , celebrity, kids, saying, quotes, nudity, vulgar, pic face not visible pic or  other copyrighted images.Did you know : Real pic/verified pics get 100 times more hits than other users.


Email account not verified.

We support only signup/register via gmail,hotmail or yahoo email account,if you have used any other email account your account will be suspended

Not logged in within the last 180 days.

Creating or Sending messages in any other language other then english Eg :Posting messages in hindi/tamil typed in english etc

Making an account to promote your business.

Seeking Same gender partner ( females seeking females / males seeking males ) .

Creating duplicate profiles /accounts is not allowed, Our sytem detects and bans you from he site.

Read Blog post for More information : http://www.purecasualdate.com/member/news_post_view.php?postId=24

On violation of any of the site rules, terms condition of the website .Your Account will be suspended / banned /deleted without notification 


Why  do we have so less or no members on our site ?

We are a genuine site featuring/trying to build real members and real profiles, to ensure this we are starting with a Zero Members / Profiles ( some other dating sites actively use thousands of fake profiles, available on the internet to make their site look attractive with thousands of members that will make you sign up, some dating sites also promote their site by actively creating fake accounts and contact you with those accounts, that makes you upgrade for a paid membership on their site) , We take a strict stand against this ( fake profile and fake promotion) and we will never use such tactics for making our site stand out or popular. We will be happy with a few real regular users rather then having thousands on fake profiles.


Why does it take (24/48 Hours) so long for my account to be active after I have signed up ?

We are very strict about the profiles that are created on our site and as such we follow strict guidelines for trying our best to keep out spammers, scammers,fake profile creators, sexual / racial / abusive content posters for this reason every new profile / profile update / photo upload / blog posts / forum post etc are manually checked by humans and the same contents gets  checked and approved 3 times by 3 different people and hence you account takes 24/48 hours for activation. If we find any thing that violates our terms and conditions, the account is not activated and you are notified for the same to correct it. Apart from this our site is constantly monitored for content by the filtering system and any content posted that violates the terms and conditions is banned from the site.


How can I invite my Friends to join the site ?

We have enabled many tools for you to easily invite your Facebook, Google + , or email friends via our system. Currently you can invite an many friends as you like ( every friend referral who signs up on our site earns you 1 User Credits which can be redemed for other services ( currently disabled),If we see a lot of friends invite from your side and abusing our system by inviting unknown people we will eventually limit the no of friends that you can invite or ban your account.  We keep records for people/friends whom you invite, as such if any of the person/friend that you invite abuses the system or does not follow the site terms and conditions, He/ she will be banned from site. Along with you. (Even you will be banned coz that friend was invited by you), to avoid this ban we recommend you to only invite people whom you know in reality, please be very careful before inviting your friends.


What are the other terms and conditions of using the site ?

We recommend you to please read the complete site terms and conditions and privacy policy of our site from time to time. As we reserve the right to add change or modify the same without any notification to you.


What should i do if i want to contact support or have other questions/queries or ideas about new activity ?  

You can contact us via the Contact located at the bottom of the page,



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